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Airbase foundation

Flawless results… every time


The combination of a stunningly designed make-up and smooth natural finish delivered by an airbrush makes Airbase foundation perfect for everyday long lasting make-up and occasion make-up.


What is it made from?

Airbase combines a unique mix of ingredients with silicone at the heart of its formulation. Feeling beautiful and luxurious on the skin, the silicone chosen does not clog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe. It is this that helps give Airbase Make-Up unrivaled durability.

Silicone: Silicone is heat-resistant, non-stick and pliable. That means that your Airbase Make-Up application lasts all day.

Vitamins A and E: Airbase contains Vitamin A, an ingredient that is proven to improve elasticity of the skin and therefore reduce fine lines. It also contains Vitamin E. This is an anti-oxidant that moisturises and repairs helping to deactivate the free radicals that age the skin.


Benefits of Silicone based Foundation

  • Because Airbase Foundation is Silicone based is, it can be ‘moved’ for a few minutes unlike water based foundations. Any errors are therefore easy to correct after application, so you have a moment to perfect your base.

  • Once set, you can build up the coverage of silicone foundation just like any other with the added benefit of its forgiving nature.


Why airbrushing?

When you spray using an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make-up tiny. This is why airbrush make-up is used in HD TV and film. The particles in the make-up become much smaller than when it is conventionally applied and therefore less visible. HD TV picks up absolutely every imperfection! There are also hygiene benefits to spraying. When we use a conventional brush or our fingers there is potential to spread bacteria and germs across the face. By spraying Airbase make-up onto the face we can avoid this.


What else will Airbase cover?

Airbase is absolutely fantastic for coverage. Whether acne, scaring, port wine stains and spots while still looking natural. It also covers tattoos and camouflages vitaligo. We achieve this using the ‘many fine layer’ technique. Spray a couple of layers with a light foundation and then spray the colour-matched foundation over the tattoo.


How do you remove Airbase?

As it is so long lasting, Airbase won’t just come off, but it is easy to remove. You can use standard make-up remover wipes or cleanser. However, we recommend the Microfibre Cleansing Mitt. This is reusable and you only need warm water. It is therefore kind to both your skin (less drying than alcohol based wipes) and the environment (it can be washed in the washing machine).


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I am certified in the use of high definition Airbrush Make-up application.

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